“Satan’s Oils” vs. “Trust the Science”

By Wendy Selvig

Everyone wants to be in control of their own health. To do that we have to understand more about what is going on in our bodies. Many people are disillusioned by the failure of science to deliver on its promises to provide cures for diseases. And others put all of their faith in the system and want to only “trust the science.”

I’m open to what my doctor suggests and has to say, but I also understand his recommendations come from a system that thinks a specific way. There are other kinds of doctors (natural ones) and other ways of thinking. If I don’t like what the allopathic doctor has to offer, I’m going to get a second and third opinion from a different system. We have to learn to think for ourselves and to research well and not think that we are limited to one person’s opinion or system of thinking.

I am a Christian and not all Christians are like this, but I’ve heard some people of “faith” call natural things like essential oils (which are pure chemicals extracted from plants, still in the form of which God designed) “witchcraft” and “voodoo oils”, and still they embrace allopathic medicine, somehow believing that science is where you should get your answers and that this is how God heals – through science.

There seems to be a complete disconnect in these people with the fact that the current medical system is a for profit system and that there is incredible corruption within it. If science was truly science, it wouldn’t be driven by profit… but by “the science”. Unfortunately there is not room in the current system for science that doesn’t bring profit, and that would include everything that God made naturally.

I’ve heard accusations that trusting in oils more than you trust God to heal is wrong, and so people should stay away from essential oils. This is all kinds of backwards. First of all, I agree. Trusting in oils more than you trust God to heal would be wrong. But how about trusting that God made something for my body that would support the way He made my body and help it heal itself (again, the way He created it to work)?

I’ve also heard the accusation that essential oils are used by the New Age movement and witches, so it is witchcraft and so using essential oils is equivalent to witchcraft somehow. T

If a witch uses Cedarwood, does it change the fact that Cedarwood oil comes from a Cedarwood tree that God created? Does it make the oils bad or of the devil? If true, how easy it would be for the devil to rob you of everything God made for your life. Just get someone who is into witchcraft to use or claim the thing that God made for you and then you can no longer use it. The witch now gets to claim ownership of it? Wake up from your fear. God made the plants, He put Adam and Eve in a garden (not a building), the plants and their oils were made for your healing and health support. Don’t let the devil convince you otherwise or you are allowing yourself to be robbed from what God intended. If witches took it, take it back. God made it, not Satan. It’s God’s plants and God’s oils and they belong to you. Rule and Reign with Christ and take it back.

These same people who call oils “voodoo”, embrace “science” and only listen to what their doctor says. But who leads the doctors? Science has already kicked God out of the equation. There is no allowance of including Him in the medical system, so what God are you serving when you put medical science on a pedestal?

Revelation 18:23 says of Babylon “And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

The Greek word that is used here for “sorceries” in verse 23 is “pharmakeia” [far-mak-i’-ah]. And, according to the Thayer Greek Dictionary “pharmakeia” is “the use or administering of drugs; poisoning; and sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it.” If you put the original Greek word “pharmakeia” in place of the English word “sorceries” the end of verse 23 would say, “For by thy pharmakeia were ALL nations deceived”!

So, if you call yourself a believer in God, think essential oils are Satanic and embrace modern medicine, you need to take a few steps back and rethink things. Satan is the Father of lies and the head of the pharmakeia system. I choose the plants that God made to work in our bodies, unadulterated and pure. They affect my body without side effects and the pharmakeia system has to take those molecules apart and create something different out of them to patent them for profit. They destroy God’s design and make a Frankenstein version of it and call it medicine, so they can profit.

It’s time to open our sleepy eyes and look closer at those we trust for our medical health. All allopathic medicine is not bad, but science is not a god either. It’s time to become excellent researchers. It’s time to take responsibility for what goes in our bodies instead of just accepting any old pharmakeia the doctors hand out. Be your own health detective. Be your own advocate. Trust God. Trust your instincts. The Holy Spirit is willing to live in you and guide you if you invite Him too. We definitely need the assistance in today’s world! But mostly we need Christians to stop calling God’s tools “of the devil” and recognize He made them for your bodies to help.

Did you know there is an oil that if you put it over your heart daily, it will “support your blood pressure”? If your blood pressure is too low, it will find it’s way up. If it is too high it will make it’s way down. Almost as if it was designed just for the human heart. Hmm.

There are oils that increase the oxygen in your brain. Oils that bring up a sad mood. Oils that balance your hormones. Oils that kill “things” in the air and on surfaces and in bloodstreams, just as they were designed to do. Designed.

Does Satan design anything? Or does he steal what God designs and try to claim it as his own. Satan is not a creator. He is a thief and a liar, and those of you know know the Word of God know that.

Let me challenge you, if you have thought oils were “of the devil” to reconsider your position and ask the Father to give you wisdom, because God made the oils to benefit your health and Satan always tries to rob us from God’s gifts.


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