Thank you for your interest in the Raindrop Massage Technique.

Here’s what you should know for now:

+In Colorado Springs, you can text or call Wendy Selvig and schedule a Raindrop Massage. They retail $120 and last an hour. She often runs specials, so text her and ask what the current special is. 719-354-6038. In Columbus, Ohio you can get a Raindrop from Amber Grady. Send your request to INFO@theoilyacademy.com.

+Amber Grady and Wendy Selvig are coming out with a new book on The Raindrop Technique for families called, “The Power of A Raindrop.” Look for it soon! When it has gone to print, will be available at GrowingHealthyHomes.com.

Amber & Wendy’s book is coming out soon! It is finished and headed to the printers!

Amber Grady and Wendy Selvig are members of The Oily Academy Young Living team. Learning how to do the Raindrop is a powerful natural health tool for you and your family. Get the book to learn how to give it as well as to how to get certified in it. Amber and Wendy are available (but limited) to come teach your team, group or family how to Raindrop. Contact info@theoilyacademy.com to learn of availability.