When a Member says, “I want to build a business.”

Hey, Congratulations! You have a business builder in Young Living!

When you are first starting off and one of your people tells you that they want to build a business, are you equally excited and terrified?  Excited because this is what you wanted (to grow your biz), but terrified because you don’t know how to teach them to build?

Building a YL biz is easy for some and difficult for others because it is an entrepreneur kind of business. You are in complete charge if it is successful or if it fails (terrifying, isn’t it?)

Our team has put together a SKELETON framework for the first steps of growing your business, and what to do with that member who is ready to grow. YOU are the mentor, and YOU are the one who guides this person in how to think and grow successfully. Feel free to take this system and make it your own. This is ONLY a framework, but it will hopefully guide you with some steps for success!

BIZ FB GRAPHICBiz Building OVERVIEWSTEP 1 EMAIL templateBiz Build step 2 Virtual MEETINGOne Page BIZ PLANstep 4 MENTORING Assignments


If you are a member of the Oily Academy and would like to schedule a phone or web meeting with Wendy Selvig to learn more about this system and/or to walk through it with her yourself, please send an email to Info@theoilyacademy.com.



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