FDA Compliancy

FDA Compliance. Bleh. Nobody wants to be censored, right? What do you mean I can’t say that certain essential oils kill cancer cells? Isn’t that censorship?

Actually, it is not!


So, there are two kinds of speech. Commercial speech and Regular Speech. Regular speech is you and me talking as friends. It is me not trying to sell you anything but sharing my opinions. Commercial speech is when there is financial gain attached to my words. Commercial speech is regulated, Regular speech is protected under the First Amendment.

Because we are distributors and have potential to make an income, when we share publicly we are engaging in Commercial Speech. Therefore we have to play by certain rules. Laura talked about “the line” of health and illness in her pinned post. We have to stay above the line and not mention illnesses by name or imply that an oil fixes an illness.

Believe me, there is a compliant way to say everything. And if you join my team, I’ll show you how.

Really, I am glad we have an FDA and I’m glad that rules are in place to keep snake oil salesmen from making false claims on products that aren’t regulated.

WE know our oils are of the purest quality and we know that there is plenty of science that backs up our oils. So… we have to play by the rules to keep our company out of trouble with the FDA and secured for our future and our children’s future. I want my children to have essential oils!