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Ways to Make Your Gym Green, Clean and Immune System Supporting for All Your Members

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Attention gym owners. Your members appreciate cleanliness and toxin free environments. It’s not something that is expected 100% of the time, but it is appreciated. And, it’s something you can do to be a step above other gyms around town. People are becoming more and more concerned about toxic chemicals. Studies also show people worry about being in public places during flu season. If you think it hasn’t crossed people’s minds about the sweat, spit and body fluids happening in your gym, think again. Die hards will come anyway, but those on the fringe may choose to stay home if they feel they are at risk.

CLEANERS: So lets talk about how your gym can exceed your members’ expectations as well as do a better job than other gyms at keeping the place sanitized. First of all, what are you spraying your mats down with? Are you using store-bought toxic cleaners that leave residues for your members to absorb or inhale? There are over 10,000 toxic chemicals on the market and less than 1% have been tested for human safety. Many are known carcinogens and some are even banned in other countries but aren’t in the USA.

We tend to think that if it is sold on a store shelf, it is safe. Everyone uses it right? They wouldn’t put it on a store shelf if it harms people, right? This is a common assumption but it is wrong. The World Health Organization says that our number one health hazard is indoor health pollution – the toxins we bring into our home like cleaners, bleaches, ammonia, as well as toxins in our personal care products. The National Cancer Society says that 95%+ of all cancers are environmentally caused (not genetic). And being that in the USA 1 out of every 3 adults will come down with some sort of cancer, we need to carefully think about our environment and the toxins we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. Especially in places like gyms where we spend a lot of time each week.

There are several “green” cleaners out there but you have to look at the ingredients carefully. We like to recommend Young Living’s Thieves cleaner.  It’s cheaper than all of the other green cleaners and more effective. It also not only doesn’t harm you, it actually supports your immune system. So, if you get residues of it on your body, you are actually helping it kill off unwanted microbes. If you mop with this cleaner, you can dump your mop water into your plants as they thrive and love it. If a kid gets a hold of a bottle and drinks it, no harm done. It’s completely safe, yet through the power of essential oils, sanitizes completely everything it touches. Thieves oil historically came from a time in the Middle Ages and was responsible for killing the plague… it’s that strong. But that’s a story for another time…

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DIFFUSERS: Next, with the threat of bugs in the air because of the amount of people who come in and out of your gym, diffusing essential oils in our everyday environments makes more sense than ever before. Diffusing a micro-fine mist of pure, unadulterated essential oils into an enclosed atmosphere helps to create a zone of air that can enhance our well-being and immobilize viruses and bacteria.

Cold air diffusers create a healthy indoor atmosphere. They sanitize and purify the air plus anything the mist falls on.  This would mean your walls, bars, and mats would have the added benefit of constantly being purified as long as you are diffusing.  Depending upon the essential oils selected, diffusing them into the indoor air can uplift our spirits, help us relax or concentrate and even act as an insect repellant. Certain essential oils added to the diffuser can support respiratory health to help us fight off viruses and bacteria that have been inhaled from the outside world.

If you are concerned about people who are sensitive to smell, you can stick with a very pure lemon scent and sanitize at night when you close down. The scent will be gone by morning. Most of the time when people are sensitive to smells, it is the chemically laden smells. Air Fresheners and perfumes are the worst offenders as they have actual nerve agents in them that commonly irritate the nose. Essential oils are pure essences from the plants. They are fresh, like when you slice open a lemon… and hardly ever offensive to anyone. It also may help to explain that you’ve just sanitized the room to kill off bacteria or viruses and help keep everyone healthy. That gets a great response from people too.

There are also many oils that you can have in your gym for sale to increase the benefits of working out. Professional accounts are available that give you a 40% discount on products. There are oils and massage oils that assist in muscle discomfort relief. Other oils increase oxygen intake (peppermint). Some oils open up the respiratory system so that you can breathe better and other oils help balance hormones and boost testosterone or estrogen (depending on what you need.)

Essential oils are also known to support our emotions. They stimulate the amygdala and some blends stimulate courage and a “can do” attitude. The blend “Valor” is a recreation of a recipe that the Romans in ancient times would coat themselves with before running into battle. Many people use Valor when they feel they need courage. Valor would be amazing to diffuse at a gym to inspire feelings of greatness and courage while you are lifting or doing cardio.

You can go all out and offer oils to your clients for a profit, or you can simply use them as a green and clean way to purify the air and the hard and porous surfaces. Either way, essential oils are definitely a great thing for your gym!

Oil Recommendations:

Purifying Oils: Thieves Oil, Lemon Oil, Purification Blend

Courage Inspiring: Valor Oil, Idaho Blue Spruce, Black Spruce,

To Raise Happiness Levels and Purify: Orange, Lemon

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*Article written by a Certified Aromatherapist.


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