Oily Christmas Gift Ideas

What do Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh have in common? Besides being considered precious, they were given as gifts to a future King. Essential oils have been considered “precious” gifts throughout the ages. People have valued oils throughout the ages because they knew that the oils could literally save your life and support good health.

Today, we have more essential oils available to us than ever before in history. We also are having to relearn the value of oils as we had several generations who lost the knowledge due to a law passing back in the 1950’s that said pharmaceutical companies could no longer profit off natural substances like oil. They used to sell essential oils, but after this law passed they stopped. And since no money was to be made, people have forgotten about nature’s potent medicines, the plant oils.

So, you want to give a precious oil as a gift? Gifting on a budget? Here are 61 oils under $25, and I’m going to highlight a few with ideas on how to give them as a meaningful gift.

qoils under 25.jpg

IDEA #1: For any child (the gift will be for the parent, I promise)….  A bottle of Tangerine ($16.00) and one of these adorable diffuser necklaces (multiple styles available – the pendant alone is $3.95, with an unfinished cord is $4.95.  Tangerine has been tested and shown to calm the nervous system. Many children with attention challenges have been able to calm down by smelling their tangerine oil on a diffuser necklace. Most teachers, when you explain what it does, are all for it. One or two drops on the necklace stays with the child for hours. (An even less expensive option is Cedarwood $11.25- it is used for kids with attention challenges, but not as lovely of a scent as Tangerine.)

Here are some links to a few cute necklaces:  1. GIRAFFE    2. TREE FROG  3. DRAGON FLY


IDEA #2: While we are talking about diffuser necklaces, there are some nice ones for adults as well. I think these are great gifts for anyone, but especially for TEACHERS or NURSES or anyone who is exposed to germs on a regular basis. Thieves vitality (not listed above but is $14.50) and a cute diffuser necklace makes a very practical and thoughtful gift to the person who is exposed to microbes. Thieves supports the immune system and purifies the air as you breathe it in.  Here are a few really cute adult diffuser necklaces: 1. BOTANICAL  2. MANDALA  3. SPIRAL(Men’s)


IDEA #3: Know someone who is pregnant or who has very young children? Order a bottle of Gentle Baby $21.25 and this book: http://growinghealthyhomes.com/gentle-babies

This book was written for moms and gives tons of oily advice for using oils with babies and children. It is very helpful and gives confidence to new moms wanting to know how to use oils with their kids


IDEA #4:  Make Roller Bottle Blends for all your friends… You can afford this.

Put 15-20 drops of your favorite oil in the roller bottle, then fill to the top with V-6! Wrap in tissue and ribbon and you have an amazing gift! Hand write a note explaining about the oil you have chosen. You can’t lose with this one!

Citrus Fresh is a great one, Thieves is good for an immune system support blend, and my favorite, is for perfume…the blend called Abundance.

These are my FAVORITE roller bottles: CLICK HERE


IDEA #5: An oven mitt and a Vitality oil or two for the Chef (or Chef wanna-be!)!!



ALL of the Vitality oils (a newly labeled group of oils) are very inexpensive as well. The Vitality line are all the same oils, only now available in 5ml and labeled for consumption. The Vitality line is great for chefs and cooks! Know someone who likes to cook? Get them a lavender and lemon vitality so they can use them as flavorings! Lavender cookies are all the rage and something fun for chefs to try! Here is a screen shot of Vitality line pricing:



Popular Flavorings? Peppermint, Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Orange. Try pairing a few of these with some cute kitchen items like an oven mitt and a cute hand written card wishing them luck experimenting in the kitchen!


IDEA #6: The ORB Diffuser ($25.75) is a small diffuser that plugs into any USB source of power. You can plug it into a regular phone charger or into your computer. It is ADORABLE and puts out a good amount of aromatherapy mist! Pair this up with a $7 bottle of Citrus Fresh and you have a very nice and affordable gift!



IDEA #7: Get Crafty with Your oils – You can search the internet for great homemade recipes like a peppermint sugar scrub, lib balms, homemade sunscreen, bath salts, and more…

These take a little more effort but are usually greatly appreciated! Essential oils are still precious today and everyone enjoys beautifully smelling gifts! Get your oils ordered as soon as you can so that you get them in time to put together what you want for the holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!