Body, Mind and Spirit

Supporting whole health through the three different parts of the human being.

This post is long. Most of my posts aren’t this long, but this one has a huge story to tell and a lot of tools to help you.

We are body, with a mind and a spirit. Three parts to our one being. When you get an illness, how often do you think about fixing your health through emotional or spiritual avenues? Not many of us do, at least not at the first thought. We are trained to think of the body as only physical and to look at what medicine or supplement can fix it. This article is about looking at supporting our health through all three aspects of our being instead of just staying with one mode.

The allopathic medical model we’ve grown up under, began separating body from mind and spirit back in the 1600’s when Renee’ Descarte(s ) –a French Scientist wanted bodies to dissect and study and he had to swear to the pope that there would be total separation between body and mind and spirit, and that he wouldn’t touch the mind and spirit. And so began the beginning of our medical system where we view everything independently and let the religious people control the spirit area, the emotional people control mental health, and physical doctors will control the body. Of course this sets all three back with incredible handicaps as all three of these parts of our beings work together and in the way I see it, cannot be separated for complete and total health.

First of all lets look at the physical body. This is the easiest. We all know what to do if we come down with a cold or an illness. Just looking at the physical body, we see how we can support the body system that is weakened. We might drink some Ningxia Red to support our immune system, we might take some Vitamin C and D to help our bodies fight things off. Some might got to a doctor to get an anti-viral or anti-biotic. This is the way our brains have been trained and most of us respond to physical illness first of all by looking for vitamins, minerals, supplements and even medicines to take to affect our bodies. This is the physical response, and nothing wrong with it. But it is only one leg of a stool. Imagine your body is a three legged stool. Each leg does it’s part and you can’t sit for very long on only one or two legs. Eventually you have to learn how to work with all three legs to be healthy and solid.

Secondly lets look at the brain – our emotions, our mental health…., what some would call your soul, your emotional health, and how that affects the physical body and illness. The problem with emotions is that they are so ethereal to many of us. You can’t quite nail them down or understand how they connect with everything in your body and It’s much easier (we think) to ignore them, suppress them, and not spend the energy on trying to figure that mess out. Does that sound at all familiar? Well, maybe I can help you get a picture of what emotions look like chemically in the body – which will help you to put your finger on it….

There is an amazing neuroscience researcher from the 1970’s named Candace Pert. As a graduate student at Johns Hopkins she is famous for discovering the brain’s opioid receptor. She died in 2013, but not before continuing ground breaking research into the mind. She authored a book called Molecules of Emotion and she is responsible for discovering that when you have emotions, your body does responds chemically – with neuropeptides, ligands, and chemical messengers. Neuropeptides are signaling molecules in the brain….and Candace Pert calls them the “Molecules of Emotions.”

Lets look at the peptide called serotonin. It is known as the “feel good” peptide. It binds to it’s specific receptors on a cell membrane and sends a “feel good” message to the inside of the cell, right into the nucleus. The message influences every function the cell is responsible for.  Now…. Let’s think. If you have angry thoughts towards a person who hurt you and you are not able to forgive that person and release those emotions, they literally are chemical messengers – peptides – that bind to receptors on cell membranes. They bind and then send messages of harm, fear, and negativity. How do you think those neuropeptides are going to influence your cells? Over time, they grow, can become disproportionate, and can cause “dis – ease” wherever they are stored.

Now let’s talk about how your body stores emotions. Candace Pert discovered how intricately connected our mind and body are – even showing that our mind and body are one in how they work together. She is quoted as saying, “Your body is your subconscious mind”.

 Your mind uses your body – with all the chemicals it produces – to store emotions, frequencies, experiences, and the mental pictures associated with your experiences. Your body is literally used like a hard drive and your memories and emotions are stored as molecules in different organs.

Another amazing person in this field is Carolyn Mein, DC. She has a book called Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils that is amazing and I use it all the time. I highly recommend it. She understands Chinese medicine, which in my opinion is ancient knowledge that sees mind, body and spirit as one – they’ve known things we are now just proving – for thousands of years. For example, when you look at a reflexology foot chart with all of the organs on it. The Chinese have understood that the nerves all come out on the feet and each nerve is a highway to specific organs. Looking at the foot chart, if you were to put an oil on say, the brain point of the big toe, that oil (oils are electromagnetic and like to travel on the nerves) will travel from the big toe directly to the brain. Gary Young tested these points with electrodes – putting electrodes on the points and measuring where the electricity came out of the body and confirmed that what the Chinese had known was correct.

Anyway, this book is a tool that you can use to help release trapped emotions – which are literally trapped neuropeptides – chemical messengers – that have not been released, and are sending negative messages to your cells, which in turn make the cells function in a diseased state and it hinders them from working in a full health state. The emotions affect the physical and you can use this tool to help yourself release trapped emotions and reprogram your cells to get good messages that promote balance, health and healing.

Now I know that if this is the first time you’ve ever heard this, you probably caught 10% of what I just said.  Go back and read it again if you have to. Unlocking negative emotions will contribute to the physical health of your cells and organs.

Let me also explain how I use this in real life. I use the Zyto Balance Scan for my family. You can get one at I recommend the Zyto Balance which is $400. The service is $50 a month but you can turn it on and off when you want to. It is a hand cradle that is a class II medical FDA approved device. You connect it to your computer, put your hand on the cradle, and it scans your body. It gives you a 20+ page report on all of your body systems and what is in and out of balance. When I do a scan, it gives me a whole work up of my emotions and what is out of balance. It will say “grief” or “greed” is out of balance. I will look up the emotion in Carolyn Mein’s book and it will show me what to do to unlock that emotion.

Here is a little summary of how it works:

  1. Identify the feeling or emotion that you want to release. This brings it into conscious awareness.
  2. Then the feeling or emotion needs to be understood. What caused it? Many times it makes a lot of sense to you and you already know why that emotion came up. Other times it may not be so obvious.
  3. Then you look at the other side – the opposite emotion. So there is a chart in the book that will tell you what the opposite emotion is. For example, joy is the opposite of anger. Anger is an explosive emotion and so is joy.
  4. You then focus on what is called “the way out” in this book – a statement that provides a way to shift the energy from the negative to the positive. Once the way out is known, it’s easy to shift out of the undesirable emotional state. Clearing deep seated emotional patterns requires releasing held emotional patterns and replacing them with the desired response.
  5. The next step is to release the pattern from cellular memory. This is done through smelling the essential oil and applying it to the emotional points on the body. (The Chinese medicine based charts that show which nerves go to which organs).

Let’s walk through it so you can see it done practically.

This happens a lot in life… lets say your dad divorces your mom when you were a child, leaves your family and you are very angry at him. Your dad never apologizes, so it’s hard to forgive someone who isn’t sorry. You hold this inside for a long time.

According to Chinese medicine, the memory of that abandonment… the frequency of emotion you felt, the pictures you have in your mind… if it is associated with anger… then these things are all stored in your liver……these molecules of emotion…..your body sends those chemical messengers (the neuropeptides) of anger and stores them in your liver. (If it was fear it would be stored in your kidneys, and other emotions in other organs)….    Your body assigns emotions to different organs.

But for this example and for everyone, all of your anger molecules and memories are stored in the hard drive of your liver. So if you go through life and can never forgive this person and release these emotions- over time those molecules, those peptides continue to connect to and speak to the cells of your liver and the message they speak is negativity, discomfort, “dis- ease”. Those chemicals are constantly speaking a message. So do you see how your emotions can affect your physical health? Your emotions when you break them down, are chemicals that literally speak life or death to your organs.

So before we move on to the next leg of the stool, let me show you how I use this book. How I actually unlock and release those negative emotions.

Lets say I scan for “abandonment”, or I know I’m dealing with feeling abandoned. I have identified that abandonment is my issue. I will look up Abandonment in the emotional reference chart on page 35 of Carolyn Mein’s book.  Abandonment is stored in the small intestine. This book has a system. Don’t worry too much if this is too hard to follow along – if you get the Carolyn Mein book, it will fully explain the process.

For Abandonment, the books says that the other side of abandonment is atonement – which means reconciliation to me. This abandonment needs to be reconciled because it wasn’t right….  The way out of the abandonment it says, is to understand the statement, “I embrace all of life’s experiences.” So that sparks in me the idea that even the painful experiences teach me, make me a deeper person, make me more sensitive to others, – so positive comes out of all of life experiences, so it’s OK to embrace this one as a good thing. As you meditate on this idea, your body is creating peptides –  that express this idea. Chemical messengers are forming that are positive and healthy, and these messengers also are attracted to the small intestine. So when you meditate and think consciously about the abandonment memory, you are making a link to the cells where your memory is stored and you are creating new peptides -new chemicals that counter those negative chemicals – and the new chemicals say “I embrace all of life’s experiences”…. And they work to displace the abandonment chemicals that are stuck…. And chemically… physically… they remove the peptides which were causing “dis-ease” in your small intestine. The more you meditate on the idea, the stronger and more in number the peptides should be. Thus, meditating on this idea of embracing all of life’s experiences can be a key part of bringing about healing to the small intestine. Crazy huh?

Carolyn Mein’s book shows that the place where this happens is in the small intestine, which it also shows in a chart, that the nerve point for the small intestine is right at the top of your hip bones. This means that the nerve at the top of your hip bone travels to your small intestines – right where these emotional memories are stored – and the book says that Lavender is the oil you use to help release blocked emotions.

So here is how you do this…. you put lavender at the top of your hip bones… you meditate for as long as you can on the idea that you embrace all of life’s experiences – literally until you “Feel” it… you are creating chemical peptides – chemical messengers – those peptides that you create will rush to your small intestine where the abandonment memory is stored and they, along with the lavender oil, will counter the abandonment feelings, dislodge them and physically change your body and your health in regards to the emotions that were making you unhealthy.

What a process huh? There are other tools out there that work amazingly like this one as well. Dr. Benjamin Perkus has a book called The Aroma Freedom Technique. It is a powerful tool that helps you remove emotional trauma and blockers you have that are keeping you from moving forward in areas of your life. I don’t have time here to break down the process. But it is an easy tool and all you have to do is get the book and he will walk you through the process in the book. You don’t even need anyone else to lead you through it. 

There are many different tools out there for emotions. You need to find one that works for you and master it. Make it yours. Learn how to do it and learn how to release the emotions. Because, our emotions truly can affect our health and we need to learn to work with them and not ignore them so that we can truly move in full mind, body & spirit health.

The third part of our being is our spirit. Your spirit is eternal. There are of course many opinions on the spirit that involve many religious thoughts. I don’t want to get into “religion” too much but I do want to share my experiences with you. I do come from a Judaeo Christian background and I invited Jesus into my heart to be my Lord as a 10 year old almost 40 years ago. I’ve always valued my relationship with him over religious theologies and traditions, as I’ve come to learn that often “religion” is a set of rules that man makes up to control how people see God. I don’t embrace that, I embrace Him. I embrace His Word, and I embrace that He is always stretching, teaching and leading me.

I come from a charismatic background and have witnessed many physical miracles. I’ve laid hands on people and seen them miraculously healed. I really have. I know that isn’t prevalent in the USA any more but I think that may have something to do with the state of mind the church is in. I’ve seen someone with Yellow Fever instantly healed, I had a skin disease instantly healed, a silly mole on an eyelid disappear instantly… I’ve been very blessed to see these things because it does boost your faith when you see them. However, I’ve also had times when I’ve laid hands on someone and prayed and nothing happens. And I know that equally can affect people’s faith. I know that faith can be a touchy topic and it is involved with the spirit side of things… I wouldn’t bring it up if I didn’t have a legitimate tool to share with you. Something you can walk away with that can really help you. I’m going to share with you how to operate in the Courts of Heaven.

For the record, I have been on a journey my whole life to hear the voice of the Lord. I mean I thought that if God was real, I should be able to learn how to hear his voice. I went after that idea and for decades have spent time and energy learning how to hear his voice. I even wrote a book about it. The name of the book is called Snatchproof, The Art of Hearing God’s Voice and you can find it on Amazon. And I’m not telling you this so I can make money, the publisher I used was terrible and I make not even a dollar on each book sold. That book was a labor of love and does walk you through how to learn to hear His voice.

I tell you that so that maybe you will trust me when I say, “God told me this” or “God said ……. “. I don’t ever say that flippantly.

Several years ago I was at an event where there was a praise and worship service. I had a vision during that service where I heard the Lord say to me, “Wendy, come up here.” I saw myself rising through the ceiling, through the sky, up into the heavens and then through a band of what I would express as “power”… and then I was in Heaven with the Father and Jesus. That was the end of the vision. Then over the next few months, the Lord started speaking to me through my scripture reading and prayer times. He started speaking to me about what it meant to be His daughter when He was a King. He started speaking to me about ruling and reigning and being a citizen of Heaven. I felt Him inviting me to come through him (the gate) into Heaven to do business as an ambassador of the city of Heaven for the earth I was living in. He was speaking to me that I could go into Heaven (through Jesus) and rule and reign from there… from that position in the heavenlies that we are seated in!

About this time I was introduced to the concept of operating in The Courts of Heaven by my sister-in-law who was reading Robert Henderson’s book, Operating in the Courts of Heaven: Granting God the Legal Rights to Fulfill His Passion and Answer Our Prayers (available on We had a scary situation happen in our family and she had read this book, so we closed our eyes, imagined ourselves in a court room in Heaven with the Father as the Judge and we asked that the situation be rectified and protection over all individuals involved. We asked the Judge to declare it so. Within 10 minutes we got a phone call with a miraculous story on the other line. If I had more time, I’d share it all here but this experience got my attention. I of course then read the book.

Then, I found out that a friend of mine was on an “intercessory team” of sorts for a ministry and they did Court of Heaven work. I was fascinated as the Lord kept bringing things on my path in regards to this topic. Dr. Ron Horner is the pastor who heads up the ministry she works for, and come to find out he has a full time ministry all around Courts of Heaven work. After I devoured Robert Henderson’s book I started reading Dr. Ron Horner’s books. Then, I booked a Courts session with his ministry team. Then, I knew the Lord was calling me into this kind of work and dedicated about 10 hours a week to studying and practicing going into the Courts. I have so many stories I can tell you of answered prayers and unique experiences that have boosted my faith. And I’m telling you all about this so that if you feel called towards this, you can start to research and dive into this topic as well.

One story I would like to share with you because it has to do with the physical body and healing. I have a dear friend named Hannah. She is a strong person, a fighter.

She is a mom of 4 kids here on this earth (1 in Heaven), and she was diagnosed with a terminal diagnosis several years ago called Multiple Systems Atrophy. With this disease, your brain doesn’t clean out all of the dead cells at the base of your brain stem like it should, and the brain gets “mushy” around that area and this is where you autonomic systems are run.

People usually pass away from an autonomic system malfunction… your heart forgets to beat, your body forgets to breathe… something like that. One of the things that stopped working right for Hannah was the nerves in her stomach. Food wasn’t passing through like it should, and she ended up having to have a feeding tube so that they could get liquid nutrition directly in her to keep her alive.

Around September of 2020 Hannah was told she had just a few months to live and was put in hospice. They started to prepare their family and children for what was to come and to cherish what time they had left. Her body seemed to be failing fast.

About this time I was heavily into learning the Courts of Heaven and Hannah was not just in my downline in Young Living, she was my friend. I would do anything to keep Satan from robbing her and her family of God’s promises of life and health. And the Courts of Heaven studying I’ve been doing has been showing me that God’s promises are truly for now because Jesus already FOUGHT for us and won!

The thing is the battle has already been won….  This is really key to understand. There is so much confusion on this part and it really helps you to understand that Yes we have an enemy who fights against us, but we don’t have to battle him. I was taught growing up that all Christians were engaged in “spiritual warfare” – we fight against the enemy…. But no, Jesus fought the enemy and won. Colossians 2:15 says “In this way, he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross.” Not only do we not have to speak to the enemy, we don’t have to engage him at all. Jesus already did it! The battle we fight is in the COURTROOM. We have to know who we are, know our rights, and know the strategies to strip the enemy of his power. It’s very simple once you get the hang of it. And once you do, the proof is in the pudding! You will start to see answers to prayers manifest in the natural very quickly! It’s the only reason I am teaching this to other people. Story after story after story of things the Judge declares manifests the next day on earth, has proven to me that the Courtroom is real, the promises are real, and the enemy is defeated for real.

If you go into the heavenly realms and you don’t understand this. You will be taken advantage of. You will be manipulated and lied to. And you will be frustrated because you don’t see answers to your prayers manifest like inside you know they should be.

Well, I wasn’t very experienced with the Courtroom in Heaven when Hannah got the bad news. I did my very best and Heaven answered with mercy. I went to the Mercy Court – literally, I closed my eyes and asked permission to come into the Mercy Court of God by the blood of Jesus. I imagined myself standing before the Judge and my time there went something like this….

Your honor, I bring before you Hannah. I am not very experienced in the Courts of Heaven but I know that Hannah believes in You. I know that she believes in your goodness. She has been given a death sentence in the natural and I don’t believe that is your will or promise for her life. I would like to ask for help from Heaven, for direction and guidance. I would like to ask that her sentence of death be overturned, and I would like to ask that a new future of healing be given to her.

I was being very sensitive to my surroundings and tried to pick up on anything I could that was happening. I sensed the Judge approved my case and declared it so. I thanked Him and left the Courtroom and returned to my office (where my physical body was all along).

THE NEXT DAY, I am not kidding you. The next day I got a call from the Courts of Heaven professional ministry team of I had sent them an email asking if we could get a professional session for Hannah. They were booked out three months and didn’t have a space in the schedule and had told me that rarely do they ever have spaces open up. But, the next day a space opened up and they called me and we booked a professional consultation with them. These people go into the courts for people all day long and are very good at what they do. I knew at that moment that God was going to have a very cool story and ending for Hannah because He had answered my court case with a YES, and the next day an opening happened to get her the professional court help she needed because I was too young in my learning and didn’t know how to do it for her.

To make a long story even longer, there was a lot accomplished in that court session. But after it was done, I felt the Lord lead me even more to do more court work for her. I did one more court session on my own. These court sessions take a lot of preparation – you find scripture that supports what you are asking for and you stand on the promises in the Court room. You give testimony (they overcame by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony). You prophesy a new future.

Then the final judgement came. I sensed it. I heard it. I saw it in the Spirit. The Judge declared her free and to be healed. He told me many things, one of them was that her process would involve needing a weekly Raindrop (an essential oil massage) for awhile. The Raindrop and the fellowship with the one who gives it will help bring healing on different levels. Hannah wouldn’t be healed instantaneously, but it would be a process.

This Courtroom experience is the only thing that I am aware of that was done differently to stand for Hannah’s healing during this time period. Several months later, at Christmas, she was a little better. She made it past her “end date”! Not only that, but the doctors decided to back her out of hospice and someone commented, “Well it looks like you aren’t going to die real soon.”

Hannah, Christmas 2020 at her “end date”. Health had improved so much that she was moved out of hospice. The only thing notably different was the Court of Heaven sessions.

Well, about this time period, one of my very best friends and fellow “Raindropper” decided to move to Ohio to be near family. Hannah lives in Ohio. My friend Amber moved 20 minutes away from her, and the Lord moved on Amber’s heart to give Hannah Raindrops regularly, and to join in the fight for Hannah’s life. The three of us kept an open Messenger group to pray and support each other. Hannah gave us updates regularly and we would pray when needed.

Life continued to have ups and downs and Hannah got hit with an emergency brain surgery because of a shunt infection that set her back awhile.

She didn’t “appear” to be improving but I think the real issues were around her brain surgery and recovering from that. As well as the fact that her stomach nerves still didn’t work well and she was vomiting daily and losing lots of weight. I had a short chance to see her in the Fall and she was thinner than I’d ever seen her and her face looked ashen.

But come the Fall of 2021, Hannah and Amber got after it and really started the weekly Raindrops. After Christmas of 2021 had passed (a year after her “end date”) she sent me the following text:

“I wanted to share with you a few victories I’m experiencing right now.
It seems like you’re always hearing me complain! I usually have daily nausea and almost
daily vomiting due to the nerves affected in my digestive tract. For the past several weeks I have not had the nausea or vomiting except for one day, which has allowed me to put on some weight. I also definitely have an increase in my endurance. I still hit a wall in the late afternoon, but I can tell that the things I am doing in the first part of the day I’m doing better and with more gusto. I have even made it long enough to stay up with Mark in the evenings a couple of nights. Woohoo! Thank you Jesus!”

Then she sent me the following pictures and I praised God to see her face fill out a little and how healthy she looks.

Amber and I are certified in Raindrop. We have multiple clients that we give Raindrops to. We have both seen amazing responses for people with auto-immune diseases. What tends to happen is that as they get a weekly Raindrop, (we think!) the body suppresses the virus or microbe that is causing the problem and so the body is able to get back in control and start healing… we have seen people with MS who were in a wheelchair and incontinent completely turn around to walking with no issues. But the healing seems to happen where every couple of months you see another layer healed and another symptom disappear. This appears to be the course Hannah is on, and we are rejoicing!

Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. If you or someone you know has been given a terminal diagnosis, go beyond what allopathic medicine will do and approach healing through the body, mind and spiritual avenues. The Courts of Heaven strip the enemy of his accusations and help you assert your right to the promise of healing and health that Jesus won for us. Doing emotional releases will help dislodge chemical messengers that are speaking illness to our cells, and of course you can also support your body systems with oils and supplements and things that give your body a boost as it attempts to heal itself. Using all three approaches together give a winning punch as you address every aspect of your being.

CLICK HERE to view a page of resources I’ve created to help you with everything I’ve mentioned as tools in this post!