Body, Mind and Spirit HEALTH RESOURCES

By Wendy Selvig (

The following are resources I discuss when speaking on supporting your health through Body, Mind and Spirit avenues. To read a summary of that talk, CLICK HERE.


  • Essential Oils Desk Reference book
  • Nutrition 101
  • Anything from Growing Healthy Homes! (Visit


  • Molecules of Emotion, The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine by Candace Pert
  • Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn L. Mein, D.C.
  • Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol K. Truman (and there is an app based on this book)
  • The Aroma Freedom Technique, by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Licensed Psychologist


  • Book: Operating in the Courts of Heaven, by Robert Henderson
  •  Youtube video series: “Robert Henderson| 1. Courts of Heaven | Session 1” by Youtube  channel “Victory Christian Centre”. Watch the whole series. Here is the first one: CLICK HERE
  • When you are ready to dive deeper, is the website of a ministry that teaches on Courts of Heaven weekly, and they have full time professionals that you can book a private session and have them go into the Courts with you for your case. Check out their website and the “What we offer” tab.
  • The first two books I recommend from this ministry is Engaging the Mercy Court of Heaven, and Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven. Dr. Ron Horner is the author. I have done a lot of work in the Courts of Heaven and would say that 80% of what you need to know comes from these two books. Also, they have a book called “Building Your Business from Heaven Down”, which will really help you with your business from the spirit side of things.
  • This ministry also has a YouTube channel where they record a new session every Tuesday and you can go back and watch some of those videos for free. It is called “Courts of Heaven Webinar” on YouTube. I recommend searching for “Engaging the Courts of Heaven – level 1 – session 1” for the introductory video. Start at about 25:00 to go past their worship session.

Below is the Mercy Court Template that myself and my two friends (Sabrena Guttman and Heather Stone) created for ourselves. We study the Courts and come together weekly to share what we’ve learned and to practice going into the Courts together. Feel free to use this template for your personal use. We may be publishing this in a book format, so you don’t have permission to publish this anywhere or as your own work. But feel free to use it to go into the Courts!

The guide above is something to help you prepare your case. Again, you should read Robert Henderson’s book “Operating in the Courts of Heaven” and watch his free videos on Youtube to see how I gathered this information. I hate to do all the work for you, it does help you to take notes and dig in and make it your own. But this may help you as you will probably find things I even didn’t and you can add to it.

There is one more document that you may find helpful. These are scriptures I have used – PROMISES – for health and healing. You can use these in the courtroom to defend your stance as to why someone should experience healing. You are reminding the court and the Judge of His promises and His word and that you understand they are for now, that you are ruling and reigning and challenging the adversary’s claim to keep you from access to the promises now.

These resources are here for you to know where to go if you are prepared to dig in and research, read, listen and learn. I can’t hand it to you all on a platter, this topic is deep, requires faith, and requires work. But it is oh-so worth it and rewarding when you see your prayers answered very quickly!

I also have a template for going to the Courts for someone’s healing that you can contact me for. I would recommend this book as you travel that journey: CLICK HERE

I wish you the best in this journey and if you need some direction, feel free to email me at