Get Your Own Oils and Get Oiling!

Are you ready to start using Young Living essential oils? You can either hand choose specific oils you want and purchase them at, or grab the Premium Starter Kit! If you just go to and pick and choose, please use enroller/sponsor #1062622 because that will place you with me. I will be able to help you with customer service issues and I will be your person! Make sure to let me know you ordered because I want to send you a welcome gift! Text me at 412-223-3695 or email me at

The Premium Starter kit is a great way to get started! It gives you a Desert Mist Diffuser plus 12 oils that are the most used, most loved oils. Together, the items in this kit are valued at over $400. Buying it bundled as a starter kit will save you a ton of money and give you everything you need to truly get started! Grab your Starter Kit from THIS LINK: CLICK HERE! Then, send me a personal email at to let me know you joined! I have a welcome pack to send you!