Oils for Fitness

Essential oils can enhance any area of your life, but especially your workout routine. I’m a Cross Fitter and I also do Olympic Weightlifting. I’m no pro, but I really enjoy how it makes me feel. As a middle-aged mom (45 years old) of 3 boys, I have to work to keep up with their active bodies and schedules. And, besides that, I decided that I am under no obligation to age poorly.

So… I work out. And did you know that exercising intensely increases the number of adult stem cells your body generates on its own? Stem cells typically decrease with age and are responsible for regenerating brain circuits, reversing degenerative disc diseases, activating our immune system, relieving joint discomfort, repairing tendons and muscles and stimulating collagen in skin (among other things.) It also improves bone density which is known to typically decrease as we age. Muscles also decrease with age! I can reverse all of that by doing CrossFit!

Do I get sore muscles? You bet. Do I sometimes have sore tendons and joints from lifting a little to much? Unfortunately yes. Do I huff and puff after rowing 1600 meters (while the 20 year olds seem not to!)? Unfortunately yes. But you know what? I have my oils, and I have an oil for every one of those circumstances. Here’s a few oil facts for you:

  1. Peppermint oil increases oxygen to the brain by up to 30% if you breathe it for 30 seconds before a workout or if you put a drop on the roof of your mouth.
  2. Raven (a blend) opens up the alveoli in your lungs so that you can breathe better!
  3. PanAway has Helichrysum in it which repairs nerve endings, it also has Wintergreen that works to relieve discomfort in joints and tendons. I rub this on AFTER a workout that was extra-strenuous.
  4. Thieves blend kills everything in the air that would try to invade my body during cold and flu season. I wipe my hands down with it and wear it on a diffuser necklace if in particular, other gym mates are coughing and hacking while I’m there. No biggie, I just wear my necklace and all fears are gone as the invisible force field of Thieves surrounds me.


Young Living also has some amazing specialty fitness products. The Cool Azul Pain Cream for example is amazing and it penetrates deep. Aminowise powdered drink mix gives you aminos for muscle recovery. Multi-greens has naturally occuring aminos as well. Rose Ointment is amazing for ripped hands (if you do pull ups, you know what I’m talking about.) Deep Relief is another muscle soothing essential oil blend. Basil essential oil is a muscle relaxer and wonderful to have added to a massage. Valor blend is an emotional oil that stimulates feelings to help you conquer the world. The recipe is an old one from Roman soldiers who would smell this blend before going to battle…. no joke.

All of these products are available from Young Living and if you get a wholesale membership (think Sams Club), you get 24% off of retail year round. Go to the “Sign Up” tab to get your membership. A retail membership is free, a basic membership (for a year) is $45, and a Premium membership (for a year, plus you get a kit with a diffuser and 11 oils) is $160. There are no requirements after membership purchase – no monthly purchasing requirements. You join and you’re a member, it’s that easy.