Focusing on Spirit…..

I know that everyone doesn’t believe the same thing, so please don’t feel you have to follow this path. I’m making this page available for people who we get in a conversation about it….


There are several good teachers on the Courts of Heaven paradigm. It goes really deep and the more you learn the more you are able to accomplish in the spirit realm. I’m taking a year long class right now from Dr. Ron Horner, learning how to basically be a lawyer in the Courts of Heaven – being able to help people get set free. I could probably give you pages and pages of material, but everyone needs to start simply. My advice is to watch the Praying Medic video (below) first, then if you are hungry to dive in more, watch some of the Robert Henderson videos (he has books on Amazon too), and then if you are ready for a DEEP DIVE where you deal with the demonic and lingering human spirits (which is super real), you’re ready for Dr. Ron Horner at He has a lot of books and has free online classes available too. If you get to that point and need direction, let me (Wendy) know. I’ll help. The goal of all of this is to strip the enemy (who prowls around like a lion to kill, steal and destroy) of his rights to your bloodline and to your life.

Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) video on Rumble explaining the Courts of Heaven.

Robert Henderson (a pastor who has taught this for 20+years) with a series on Courts of Heaven. Here is part 1 on Youtube.

Robert Henderson part 2

Robert Henderson part 3

Robert Henderson part 4

Robert Henderson part 5

Robert Henderson also has good books on the topic – CLICK HERE and also HERE

The team I am in contact with and work with at has a professional team that you can book a session with. They do have some books they require you read before hand so that you understand what is happening in the session. Then, they go with you into the court in Heaven and prophetically see for you what the accusations are listed against you and walk you through getting them removed. I did this and was amazed that they saw things in my ancestry that nobody but me knew about – including great uncles that had a moonshine business! These were accusations that the enemy was trying to hold against me to keep me in bondage. I know this is a little out there for some people, but ask God to lead you. He leads with the peace in your heart. I’ve seen people who were in hospice get healed after doing courts of Heaven sessions! It’s an area that there is a lot of room to learn about!