Welcome to the Oily Academy and Young Living!

You have joined Young Living (or renewed your account) by enrolling/renewing with one of the Oily Academy team members. That makes you an Oily Academy team member by default! There are no requirements of you in the Oily Academy, just benefits.

We do not want to bug or bother you if you don’t want support, help or information. If that is you, feel free to email us at info@theoilyacademy.com and we will cease contacting you. (But we promise not to contact you needlessly or without purpose.)

This page is designed to help us connect with you and to inform you of all the free benefits we supply. Our purpose and desire is that you have the tools you need to gain the knowledge you need to support your own health naturally.

Wendy Selvig, Leader of The Oily Academy. Group is based out of Colorado, but has members all over the world! Welcome!
  1. Education: The Oily Academy Podcast – by Wendy Selvig. There are over 100 podcasts recorded that talk about essential oils, the Young Living supplements and natural health. You can find this podcast on over 20 podcast platforms like Amazon, Spotify, Spreaker and more. Just search for “The Oily Academy” on those platforms. Or, if you don’t have a favorite podcast app, you can listen online HERE. Wendy Selvig is your upline Gold Level Leader and the person who started the Oily Academy. The person who enrolled you is your immediate customer service help, but if you ever have a question they can’t answer… or if you need additional help, please feel free to contact Wendy. You can call or text at 719-354-6038, or email her at info@theoilyacademy.com.
  2. FREE Analysis: If you are interested in a free analysis of what Young Living products would help you the most, please fill out this survey. Wendy will email you within a week with some suggestions based on how you fill out the survey. This is easy and free and a big help when you are just getting started!
  3. Beginner Young Living educational text class. Text the words “Teach Me” to 412-223-3695 (412-ACADEMY) to get a text once a week that educates you on a Young Living product. This will help you learn what the products do so you better know what to order when you want to place an order. There are so many amazing health products that can improve your life and health, it’s a shame when people don’t know what they all do! You can stop the texts from coming any time by texting the word “STOP” to the number.
  4. Young Living as a Business educational text class. Text the word “Brand” to 412-223-3695 (412-ACADEMY) to start a 10 week text class that will help you learn how to do Young Living as a business. This is free. You get 2 texts the first day and then one a week for about 10 weeks. This is proprietary information that only our team members get, please don’t share it with non-team members. This really will get you on track for learning how to create an extra stream of income and some of this information was gained through years of experience and blood, sweat and tears. 😉 We share this with our team members to help you succeed!