Hi there! You found the “freebies” tab! Good for you! Everyone likes freebies, right? From time to time I offer some free things to help people find our oily community. The goal of course, is to offer you something in exchange for maybe an email address and the permission to let you know  about the close to 800 amazing members in our Oily Academy community. Half of those members are in an online Facebook group where we post classes weekly and talk oils daily. If you’re going to learn to oil, you should do it with a community where you have a place to ask questions and get support when you aren’t sure what oil to use for what. Our community is full of great people who love their oils. You should consider joining our group! Click HERE if you’re ready to join now!


  1. The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Essential Oils. Essential Oils are all the rage and seriously, not going away. What may have started out as a trend has developed into much more as scientific research has backed up how amazing they are for our health. It’s time to learn how to use your essential oils. Download this guide if you are a beginning oiler. CLICK HERE  Note: The password is: ESSENTIAL
  2. LETTER TO GYM OWNERS – If you own a gym, this is how you can get set up with a Young Living professional account for 40% off YL prices.
  3. Do you know what a “Mind Movie” is? It is a short video to intentionally watch to affect your subconscious. You watch TV and movies right? They use techniques to train your brain and “program” you into thinking certain ways. We don’t always like that because we can’t control what they are programming us with. This is programming under your control. The kalidescope patterns take your brain in to lower brain wave patterns that make you more suggestable. Then, the power statements about health are taken in by your brain and subconscious, and your subconscious believes them. Then you subconscious goes to work to make these ideas happen for you and to become more a part of your life. It’s based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, “Becoming Supernatural” and the science behind the mind. You can make these for yourself at I made this one to share! CLICK HERE
  4. Here is a really useful book you can use yourself or upload these photos to Walgreens and make a 4×6 flip book! My members really love this book and you can teach a whole class right from the book! This guide shows you how to save money on all of these YL products enabling you to switch from the toxic versions economically! Download these photos and then upload them to Walgreens. They have a “same day” tab with products you can make in a day – one of those options is a 4 x 6 flip book. It usually runs around $6 but they often have 50% off coupons for their photo department. I wait until those hit and print off a bunch for classes at that point! Good luck!