A Special Offer from Wendy



Hello! Wendy Selvig here….


I found some beautiful essential oil diffuser necklaces that are teardrop shaped lockets and the design reminds me of Brighton jewelry (if you know what that is.) They are silver in color. They come with a bag of multi-colored lava stones and you can put your oils on the lava stone, and then put it inside the locket. Then, you smell the oil all day and feel safe knowing there is an invisible barrier of germ attacking oil molecules around you! I love to wear necklaces like this on airplanes and public places.

If you’ve been given a link to this page, it’s come with a special offer from me!



If you take me up on the offer, make sure to send me an email receipt showing you fulfilled your part of the deal! And contact me with any questions!

Wendy Selvig