Compensation Plan

Young Living is known for having one of the best compensations plans out there! I will post the official plan here. I understand it can be confusing when you first look at it, so I will explain a few things to look for. First of all, there are TWO ways to be paid: bonuses and commissions.

Young Living is brilliant in how they set this up because when you first start building a business, you don’t have enough people under you to really make much on commissions. So, they give you a bonus every time you sign up someone with a Premium Starter Kit. They require you to spend 50PV in the same month that you sign someone up – and you’ll get a minimum $50 bonus. So if you signed one person up a month while building a business, spending 50PV (essentially $50) a month – you’d come out even. That’s the beginning goal – get your products for free!

After you have people under you who are purchasing products, you’ll need to spend 100PV monthly to earn COMMISSIONS. Check out the links below for all the details. You make 8% of the people directly under you! If they order $100 worth of product, you make $8… as long as you have spent 100PV that month in products. Can you imagine what it is like to have 25 people under you all ordering 100 PV? Now you have $100 worth of products easily paid for and extra income coming in each month as well! This is your second goal!

As your business builds, people under you decide to build businesses too and they take off. It takes some work but you can completely replace your income with Young Living commissions! I have! And one day I look to retire my husband from his job. THAT WILL BE A CELEBRATION DAY!

If you sign up under me (enroller 1062622) and want to build a business, I will share with you all that I know. I have strategies to help you do this seriously!

Here is a link to the Income Disclosure sheet, so that you have an idea what YL distributors REALLY make:

Here is a link to the official compensation plan:

Here is a link to the compensation plan highlights:

Here are the comp plans terms and definitions:

Here are some videos that will walk you through the plan and explain the details: