You got your Essential Oil “Get Started Kit”, What is Next?

Thank you for purchasing one of my Essential Oil Get Started Kits! My name is Wendy Selvig and I want to help you become a natural at using essential oils!

I started “The Oily Academy” group and podcast years ago because of my passion for natural health and to help people learn how to use essential oils. I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado with my husband and kids. I’m a Certified Aromatherapist and I’m certified in the Raindrop Technique which is an essential oil-based massage. I also have worked as a natural health researcher for a non-profit organization for 20+ years.

Let’s get you using your kit!


Here is what you need to know about the “Essential Oil Get Started Kit” from me:


  1. These oils are very safe, but beware of getting them into your eyes or on sensitive skin. If that happens, it won’t harm you but it may not be comfortable. To instantly fix the situation, add any fatty oil to the location… avocado, coconut or sesame oil preferably, but in an emergency, any cooking oil or fat would do. The essential oil molecules are so tiny they are moving through your skin too quickly and causing cellular friction, which causes discomfort. The fatty oil molecules grab onto the tiny essential oil molecules and slow their rate of absorption down, immediately relieving your discomfort.
  2. Lemon oil can make your skin sensitive to the sun. Don’t apply right before spending a day at the beach or in the bright sun. You might see some discoloration of your skin for a while if you do! Not everyone does, but some do. Beware of the bright sunlight with all citrus oils.
  3. Over 95% of essential oils on the market are tainted with chemical additives or distilled in distillation vats that leach dangerous heavy metals into the oils. Young Living Essential Oils distill in surgical stainless steel and never add chemicals. They grow their plants with no pesticides and use only non-GMO plants. These oils are completely safe to put on, in, and around your body and are safe for your animals and children as well.

Now it’s time to open your kit! Click below to hear audio instructions of how to use these oils and all the things you should know about them:

NEXT enjoy your oils! Enjoy the samples! Have experiences with them! Breathe the Peppermint when you need to clear congestion or a foggy brain. Apply the Lavender at night to relax and fall asleep easier. Use the Lemon roller bottle to support a happy mood. And when you are ready to order more, follow the steps below:


Scan the QR code in your sample box, or visit When asked for an enroller number, please use my number which is 1062622. I WILL BE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPPORT and here to help you along your journey!

I have over 100 podcasts available to you at (and on all the podcast apps on your phone) about so many health topics! I’m also available in person!


If your order is over 100pv, you’ll qualify for a 24% discount and you’ll see the price reflected in your cart.

If you click the link, you will see lavender, peppermint and lemon as well as the Premium Starter Kit right there in front of you. If you are wanting to order these oils, just “add to cart”!

Let me tell you about the absolute BEST deal that Young Living offers for people wanting to get started using essential oils.


This kit is the way you can get Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint (and 9 other oils plus a diffuser) all valued at $400 – at a savings for $165. This is a special created to help people get started with big savings!

Once you know how to use these 12 oils, you can call yourself a seasoned oiler! There is an oil for every body system and one you can use for any health issue you may have. This purchase also gets you a 1-year wholesale membership with Young Living. For 12 months after this purchase, any time you log in to your account, you will see wholesale pricing and qualify to get the 24% off of anything you buy. CLICK HERE to go right to this offer!


  • Any purchase at all, any amount from YL and it is with my link or enroller number (1062622)… I will send you a beautiful aromatherapy bracelet like this one.

*If your purchase is over $100/100pv and you become a wholesale customer with YL (24% off) and you live locally (or I have a chance to come see you) I’ll give you a free zyto scan and a free Raindrop!

*If your purchase is over $100/100pv and you place your first order as a loyalty rewards order (you can cancel any time), I will give you a free diffuser (I have about 4 different kinds you can choose from).


Once you get your products in the mail, please tune into the podcast (The Oily Academy – found at to learn more about using the essential oils! Go to the very first podcast and it is all about the Premium Starter Kit!! And when you are ready to talk about your health concerns, please reach out to me and I can give you a list of recommendations of how to use your oils to support your health naturally! Email me at or call me at 719-354-6038!

FINALLY…. If you’d like to join my weekly essential oil education text, text the word “START” to (412) 223-3695. You’ll get a text a week for about a year educating you on how to use oils to support your health when your body is fighting things like diabetes, cancer, and other health challenges.