Essential Oil Trial Kit – $15

Would you like to learn about essential oils before making a big investment?

Buy my Essential Oil Trial Kit for $15 (including shipping). In it you will get:

  • Do It Yourself Guide to Essential Oils – by Wendy Selvig, Certified Aromatherapist
  • A report on 21 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil
  • A small report called Essential Oils Made Simple
  • A report on the quality differences between oil companies.
  • A coupon for a 1:1 consultation for what oils would support your personal health
  • A lavastone diffuser necklace to wear your oil daily.
  • Free membership into The Oily Academy Facebook Group (an educational group of about 500 oily friends!).


And… A complimentary 5ml bottle of Lemon Vitality oil.



I am certain you have heard about essential oils by now, but chances are you don’t know the following:

  • 95% of the oils on the market come from perfume industry vats made of aluminum. Fine for perfume grade oils, not fine for putting on, in or around your body.
  • Young Living Essential oils have their own distilleries made from surgical stainless steel and produce very high quality oils that are even safe to ingest.

You could get random oils from random places but do you really know how to use them?

  • Sensitivities are possible to oils, let me tell you how to handle that. (In Essential Oils Made Simple).
  • Don’t jump into the essential oil world alone, use my aromatherapy certification knowledge to help guide you to the oils your body needs. (I’ll give you a coupon for a personalized one on one conversation to talk about your individual health concerns and what oils specifically would help you!)
  • There are different rules for kids and babies, let me help you navigate that. (In Essential Oils Made Simple).

There are many uses for each individual oil.

  • Let me teach you without trying to sell you. Seriously. I educate people and the oils sell themselves. I hate pushy sales people, so I like to put the information out there and let people make their own choices. NO SALES PRESSURE from me, period.


Click the “Buy Now” button and send me $15 to get your kit via FIRST CLASS MAIL. If you’d like 2-3 Day Priority Mail, make the total $18. Items will ship within 24 hours of your purchase. Make sure your complete address is included in the comments. Any questions, email me (Wendy Selvig) at

About Wendy Selvig: Wendy Selvig is a gold level Young Living independent distributor. She is a Certified Aromatherapist and a State Board Certified Raindrop Technician (a specialized essential oil massage-like technique). She teaches and mentors other young moms in many areas of life, natural health and essential oils being one of her passions. She has a vibrant essential oil based community on Facebook that you are welcome to join called The Oily Academy.