Special Young Living DEAL For a select special few members!

THIS IS ONLY FOR A SELECT FEW MEMBERS IN CAROLYN SELVIG’S DOWNLINE! We are shooting for sales goals and so you are going to benefit big!!

Cyber Monday is tomorrow and we are looking to hit sales goals for this month, so if you have received an email with a link to this page, that means YOU are included in this particular incentive! This is not a group wide special, so please keep this to yourself and your downline members if you have received an email! We can’t afford to give this special to everyone, but you are one of the lucky ones! Woo Hoo, celebrate!

For Cyber Monday, if you order 250+PV, you get

  • a free Red Shot essential oil blend (which has Cassia in it and is one of the only ways you can get cassia right now!)  (the first 60,000 orders of the day get it),
  • the monthly free promos (a 15ml bottle of Christmas Spirit and a 5ml bottle of Myrrh)
  • the discounted Cyber Monday products
  • An emailed PDF copy of a research paper I did for a non-profit on the top 10 nutritional deficiencies in the USA – it helps you see symptoms of the deficiencies and helps you plan for what supplements you might be needing.
  • PLUS a $50 credit to your account! (What?! Yes, you read that right!)
Ningxia Red is on Sale and the Theives products y’all! This is a far better deal than if it were just an ER order (for those who get the 25% back). You get instant savings, free promotional items and a $50 credit to your account!

To take advantage of this offer:
  • All orders must be placed on CYBER MONDAY.
  • They are Quick Orders only (Not Essential Rewards).
  • You must email Wendy at Selvigfamily@gmail.com with the CyberMonday purchase receipt.

I’m so excited to offer this to you and to give you this additional savings!!!!  WOOHOO!



Email me if you have any questions! INFO@Theoilyacademy.com