Essential Oils for Emergencies

This section is difficult to write while staying FDA compliant in my verbage. I don’t want to imply that essential oils treat a disease state or cure a sickness. But sometimes accidents happen and we may be out of reach of emergency assistance. For me that was true for 2 years when I lived in a 3rd World country. I did work with refugees and tribal people that were hours from emergency assistance. There are certain essential oils that I kept with me on hand for times when I was with these people and in these circumstances to help in cases of emergencies. So let me just state that if you have an emergency that I think you should always call for help and always seek medical care. I wrote this section for times when you are on your way or the emergency team hasn’t arrived yet… or like I was, in the middle of a refugee camp far away from any possible source of help. This is your plan B.


  1. When someone has a cut or is bleeding, they need support to create healthy blood flow and to keep the blood flowing inside their body (not outside). There are two essential oils I always keep on hand for this purpose. Helichrysum and Cypress work to stop blood from leaving your body- and this works through a vascular function. They are not blood clotters, they help close down the open area where blood is flowing from. I know of many situations where these oils have saved lives and stopped unhealthy flowing of blood.
  2. Sometimes where I was at in the country of Panama, bones could be broken and the person needed to get to the hospital to take care of it! In route, I offered an oil blend to help them cope and feel better on the way. That oil blend is Idaho Balsam Fir, Copaiba, and Frankincense. The three oils together make a strong blend that brings great relief in traumatic situations like these. Copaiba has the same constituents in it that marijuana has (not the hallucination constituents) and I personally found great relief in taking this blend when I broke two of my ribs. This blend relieves discomfort and supports healthy emotions and coping mechanisms.
  3. Seasonal Discomfort Blend. Many people suffer from seasonal discomforts. Whether it is molds in the air or pollen from trees, many suffer. Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint diffused together is a well-known essential oil blend that helps people find relief.
  4. Sometimes muscles experience discomfort and need to relax. Basil essential oil is a relaxant and helps soothe muscles that need it. Rub it into the sore muscle for help. Idaho Balsam Fir also provides relief to muscles that have been overworked. PanAway blend is another wonderful oil blend that brings relief to muscles and tendons.
  5. One major emergency that can find support through essential oils is when someone has head discomfort. They just find they need to go lay down in a dark room and rest because they are feeling uneasy in their head. In this case use Peppermint or the blend called “Deep Relief” and apply around the hairline and all around the back of the neck with massage. Copaiba oil is good to take internally in a capsule as well as to rub along the hairline.


There are other emergencies that can be supported by the use of essential oils. I recommend having a copy of the Essential Oil Pocket Reference book, published by Life Science Publishers to help you through your issues.