Welcome to the world of Natural Health and Essential Oils!


Hey there! If you have found this page, you have likely met one of The Oily Academy members at a local event or you’ve been referred here by a friend.
We are so glad you are here! Really!

You probably want to know more about essential oils! You have come to the right place and group of people. We are a community of oilers who have seen amazing results for ourselves and our families in the area of health.

There is a lot of wisdom and knowledge we’d like to share with you on how to live healthy, naturally. We’ve tried to boil down the basics on this page so that you aren’t too overwhelmed at first.

  1. Naturally healthy living usually involves a few mindsets that really help you make good decisions about your health. Wendy Selvig, the gal who started the Oily Academy, has written a booklet about it that you can download for free: The 5 Mindsets of a Natural health Lifestyle. (Wendy is a Certified Aromatherapist, a CRTS, a professional researcher for a non-profit organization and a published author).
  2. We really want you to know how important it is that you use quality essential oils. Impure oils are a huge issue in the world of essential oils. It is estimated that 95% of essential oils on the market are not pure. Most come from the same handful of perfume distilleries around the world, and those distilleries were not made for the health industry. A lot of their vats are made out of metals like aluminum that leach into the oils, making them toxic. You can bet than any cheap oil that you buy from Walmart or Amazon is one of these oils. Young Living sets the standard for purity by using only surgical stainless steel vats, hand weeding their fields (instead of using chemical weed killers), using non-GMO seeds, and taking barometric pressure readings during harvest (to ensure the medical constituents are present when the fields are harvested). You know what you get with Young Living and we are so proud to introduce you to these oils!
  3. Get a Young Living membership and start oiling! Click HERE to join on the Oily Academy team. If someone referred you here, please send a quick email to: info@theoilyacademy.com and let us know you are joining… and let us know who referred you so that we can make sure to get you in the right place. We only have a few days to fix this once you join, so please send us an email right away. If nobody referred you here or if Wendy Selvig referred you, the link above will put you right under her in your new Young Living organization. Send her an email (same email address) and get a gift for joining! (We recommend the Premium Starter Kit for $165, but you can join for as little as $35!).
  4. Join our Facebook group! CLICK HERE and request to join. This group is only for Oily Academy team members or people who are wanting to learn but are not in Young Living yet. Because of YL policies and procedures, inviting other YL people who are not in my downline could be considered “crossline recruiting”, the group is not open to other YL members of different downlines. Sorry!
  5. Once you are in the Oily Academy Facebook group, look at the pinned post and consider taking the Oily Academy classes (just Youtube videos). There is a prize if you go through them, and you’ll learn everything you need to know to be a serious oiler. And please feel free to post in the group if you have questions about oils or Young Living products. We have a lot of happy product users who are happy to offer advice.
  6.  If you are ever interested in learning how to make an income by sharing Young Living, there is definitely income to be made. Please contact Wendy Selvig at info@theoilyacademy.com and she will send you some information on how to get started!OILY ACADEMY