Want to Learn About Essential Oils? Get Free Educational Texts by following these directions:

I have set up several free informational texting campaigns to help you catch up to speed with natural health and essential oil usage. There are several options below:


ESSENTIAL OIL AND YL EDUCATION: Text the word “Start” to the above number to get 1 text a week for about 24 weeks, giving you things to learn about essential oils and Young Living. I promise, I put a lot of thought into these texts! (You can unsubscribe anytime by texting the word “STOP” to the same number.

YOUNG LIVING BUSINESS TIPS: If you are on my YL team, text the word “BIZFAST” to get 15 messages, 1 minute apart, to help you get established and going in your Young Living business.

If you don’t want them one minute apart and would rather get one a week, text the word “BRAND” to that number.

IF YOU ARE NOT ON MY TEAM – the information is almost identical, it’s just that a few things I can’t do for you if you are not in my downline. To save you from having to wade through that, just text the word “BUSINESS” to the number and you’ll still get the same business tips just without the “Oily Academy Team” personalization.

IF YOU LIKE TO SAVE MONEY and want about 9-10 “hacks” texted to you – one each week – to help you save money with Young Living products, text the word “SAVER” to the above number.

If you have any educational campaigns you’d like to see, send your suggestion to info@theoilyacademy.com.