Business Building – Managing Your Team – By Wendy Selvig

Organizational Systems

Once you have a downline, you need to know how to take care of it.

Finding and deciding what systems you are going to use will make a big difference in how you are able to manage your team. For years I didn’t have any systems. I also grew really slowly and hoped my team would develop on it’s own. It is really hard when you don’t naturally have a business mind or the mental organizational fortitude to make systems for yourself. Over time, I’ve decided that your systems will make a big difference for you. Here are a few that I use.

You have to have a way to regularly see all your members. There are several different “systems” out there and I don’t know that any one is better than the other. I’ve bought several and realized they are all doing the same thing – keeping track of your members and allowing you to categorize them and give them good attention and service.

Here are several ways you can do this:

1. A good old fashioned card file system. This is great when you are just getting started and don’t want to spend money on this monthly. Get yourself a card file and some 3×5 notecards that fit in the file/box. Then make sure you have a way to make some dividers.

You are going to write each of your members down on a card. Name, address, phone, email. Have a little check box in the corner to check if you personally enrolled them. If you didn’t enroll them, write “enrolled by ____________ ” in the upper right corner. You might also include “start date ___________” and “Business Builder” (with a box to check). Then, you use the back of the card to write a note about how you met that person and details like how many kids they have and what health issues they are dealing with. Go through your downline and do this for everyone. Then in your card box, have the following divided sections: 1. Personally Enrolled 2. Business Builders 3. Subscribed Customers and 4. Non-Subscribed Customers

These are your categories. For the personally enrolled people, you will need to make a second card for them and put it in the business builder, subscribed, or non-subscribed customer section.

2. You may choose an online organizational system. When your downline gets bigger than 50 people, at some point you may choose a system like I have over 900 people to keep track of, so there is no way I can do this with cards and keep it accurate. I use to keep all of my contacts.

How to Work Your System

Now that you have your cards divided into the four categories (personally enrolled, business builder, subscribed customer, and non-subscribed customer), you need to develop a system to keep up with each group and meet them according to their individual needs. Create a system that works for you for each of these groups. How will you connect with each group each month? Is there anyone you should connect with on a weekly basis? Is there any way to automate that? Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Personally Enrolled. These are people who look to YOU alone for their education and information. Have you ever met with these people individually to see what their health needs are? What challenges are they working on that you could recommend products? I like to use Google Forms to create a FREE questionnaire. (Sign up for FREE HERE). You can create a questionnaire and use one of their add on extensions (called Form Notifications) to have the form results sent to your email. Then, you’ll get an email anytime someone fills it out. The form will tell you what things they are struggling with. Then, you can send them one of my podcasts that give advice for that specific health issue. Or, you can make your own podcast and teachings (I can show you how to do this) – even if it is only like 10 episodes – things you would want your people to know. Then you send them the links to help them decide what products they might need. HERE IS THE FORM I USE…. Please don’t send your people to my form, but you may use this as an example to set up your own. Another idea for your Personally Enrolled people is to send them a card or acknowledge them online on their start date birthday. Let them know you are here for them, if they have any new health issues they’d like information about, send them a google form… You could also create a monthly newsletter that you mail to your personally enrolled that has some education about oils and the YL products on it. You could decide to send these people a postcard or hand written note each month. These are all just ideas, but you get the picture. Decide how you are going to monthly touch base with these people. Don’t go all year without them hearing from you!
  2. Business Builders. These people need special attention. These people have paid the money for the Business Kit (or were fathered into the system). They are getting commissions or have potential to get commissions from sales. They are interested in information that your other people are not. They are the cream of the crop. Your efforts sowed into them produce more harvest than in your other groups of people. How are you going to educate them in how to build a business? Do you even know how or what to say to them besides “Good luck?!” How you treat these people is going to determine if you make it or break it in this business. You have to give them the education they need for them to succeed. You may know that I have a business training text. If you text the word “Brand Partner” to my Oily Academy number (412-ACADEMY), you get two immediate texts and then one a week for months. The information I give helps business builders to know the basics in getting set up for business. One of the texts send people to this page! I use for this text service and it works well for me because I keep all of my contacts in their system. You could also create business building videos and keep them on Youtube. You could make a business building PDF (which I actually recommend as well as doing video or text training) that you give to each business builder. You can find multiple resources from various Young Living authors as well – books and DVDs that you could purchase and give to your business builders. There are no limits. The more you develop this, the more equipped your people will be.
  3. Subscribed Customers. These are happy product users who are subscribed monthly to Young Living. These people are your bread and butter. They make up the sales that you can count on monthly. How can you connect with them each month in a way that isn’t annoying, but provides value? A text? An email? A newsletter? A postcard? A Youtube video? A class? Could you record 12 mini-videos (maybe 10 minutes long or under?) about one or two products and text them the link to the video each month? That is more personal because they see your face. Also, if they subscribe to your Youtube channel, your new videos will automatically come up in their feed whenever they log in. If you need help with this (and you are on my team) please reach out. If you are on another team, ask your upline leaders as they can help you with these things too. Your goal is to get these people interested in becoming Business Builders and move them to the Business Builder category. You can offer them the business builder text service that you’ve set up (or mine if you are on my team. It costs me money to send out texts, so please don’t send your people to my service if you are not on my team. Or email me about a small fee to help me cover these costs (
  4. Non-Subscribed Customers. These people have tried a product or two but are not yet educated enough to know how desperately they need these products in their lives. THESE PEOPLE NEED EDUCATION. So decide a system to educate them. You can use my podcasts if you would like. Maybe go through my podcasts and pick the best 12-24 ones for new people. Then email or text the link to your non-subscribed customers every 2 weeks saying, “I thought you might like this podcast…it’s about _______ “. Send them links to your Google Form questionnaire and see if they are willing to fill it out. Then respond to their form with a nice email with researched ideas of what supplements and oils may help them.

This is just the beginning, but this is how you “work” your downline team. You want to stay in contact with them so that they don’t lose track of you and forget that they were interested in natural health and learning about the oils.

Also, once you have a core team of a few people or more, consider holding quarterly education events. This can be done in a simple and fun manner! Actually now, my friends and I have started That Oil Show! on Youtube. I recommend you go follow the channel right now (CLICK HERE) and so you know that you can use this anytime for a gathering! Just have your team over, have food (potluck, Einkorn spaghetti feed, baked potato and salad night, whatever you want to do) and sit and watch That Oil Show for the education part! It is that easy… and people get to know each other and bond and become more of a team. You can also take this time to give handouts about:

  1. Business building and signing up for your business texts
  2. About Subscribing and getting the rewards and free products.
  3. About some product you want to feature that night.
  4. About an upcoming event, get together or training/class.
  5. About convention next year and if you want to go as a group? ETC ETC ETC

YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO HAVING A TEAM OF YOUR VERY OWN!!!! And now you know how to organize and work your systems! Get going!

Note: if you are organizing your team with instead of note cards, you can put #TAGS on each contact, so you just tag each contact with “Business Builder”, “Subscribed”, “Not-Subscribed Customer” and you can then tag those you have “Personally Enrolled.” Then you are able to send out email or text campaigns to the specifically tagged groups.