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Thanks for coming to our November 12, 2022 event at Banning Lewis Ranch! This page is a place that has all the resources available from this day for you. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Wendy at 719-354-6038.

Also, please be aware of The Oily Academy podcast, which has over 100 episodes and is there to educate you about essential oils and natural health. You can find it on about any podcast app or platform, or CLICK HERE TO GO RIGHT TO IT.

We also have a monthly TV show that is released to Youtube called That Oil Show! A new one is released the first Tuesday of every month. I hope you’ll enjoy watching it and seeing the community that our team has. These are made to share secrets we’ve learned about the oils and supplements…. Enjoy!

Today’s seminar’s focus is “back to the basics” with our oils and supplements, as well as learning how to use oils with emotions and post-pandemic physical and mental health support.


These are the books discussed at the meeting. If you could only get one, I’d get Feelings Buried Alive first. Then Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils next. Molecules of Emotion is for the science nerds who want to understand how your brain creates chemical peptides/molecules that represent the emotion – and the story of Candace Pert and how all of that came to be. And Ultimate Balance explains the opposite and sister organs and the times of the day your body works on/repairs your organs and is based on Chinese medicine. The Aroma Freedom Technique works (I have personal testimonies) and helps you identify emotional blockers that are holding you back from succeeding in life. This book is only about $10 on Amazon.

To get started, I would start reading Feelings Buried Alive, by Karol K Truman. They also have an app (of the same title) that is pretty cool. I think it may cost $5, but it has the script that you read through to release your emotions on it, plus it has the guide to look up the root emotions to body problems. I use that a lot. If my shoulder is hurting, I look up shoulder on the chart and see if any of those emotions ring true to me and go through the script to release the emotions in case that is causing my shoulder pain. (Hope that helps!)


There are a lot of oils you can use for emotional release. You can make your own blend of Frankincense, Stress Away and Lavender. That is a commonly used one. You can also buy Young Living’s “Release” blend. You typically need two oils for emotional release. The one that helps you release the memory and one to help you settle in a new emotion that is going to overwrite the old one. Believe is commonly used for that.

Young Living has a lot of emotional based oils. They understand the composition of the oils and which ones have constituents that stimulate different emotions. Some other emotional oils are: Inner Child – Helps you connect with your inner child and emotions you may have had when you were a child. Helps you feel more free-spirited and also may help you when trying to find root emotions from your childhood that need to be released.Other oils are: Acceptance, Gathering, Humility, Freedom, Hope, Dream Catcher, Trauma Life, Transformation, Joy, Highest Potential, Harmony, Awaken, Into the Future.

If you are interested in purchasing the The Emotions Bundle – Grab this bundle for 4 oils to use when working on emotional healing. Frankincense, Stress Away and Lavender you blend together and use as your “release” oil for all emotions you want to release. “Believe” is for setting new intentions and beliefs. Together, you have what you need to release negative emotions. You can use this blend with the Aroma Freedom Technique or any of the other techniques mentioned as your “release oil”.


Here is a copy of the handouts we had in class November 12th. Feel free to print or share! The first section walks you through identifying your health challenges and the body systems you need to support physically. Use the Essential Oil Desk Reference or Pocket Reference book to see what oils or supplements would support your situation. Use ours at the event to look things up. They are hard to find right now but you can get a kindle copy for $20 HERE.


YES, You can always shop at and buy one or two items at retail pricing, but who wants retail pricing?

If you can do a purchase of 100pv ($100) or more, you qualify for a year membership and a 24% discount. And, Young Living has starter kits that are made for new people to give you an even better deal for your first time purchasing with them.

  1. Check out the Thieves Home Bundle! This purchase gets you a lot more value for your dollar and you are automatically qualified to have a wholesale membership for a year. Replace all your cleaners, hand soaps, and sanitizers with the all-natural and potent Thieves Cleaning Line! Price is $135.
  2. Here is the Premium Starter Kit Bundle with essential oils and a quality diffuser worth over $450 individually, bundled up for $165. This is a great way to get started using essential oils. And, Wendy has a podcast (Episode 1) that is all about how to use these specific oils!
  3. The Ningxia Red Starter Bundle is a great way to get started to support your health! Ningxia Red is our super high antioxidant drink that supports healthy eyes, joints and organs. This bundle comes with 2 bottles of Ningxia Red, a box of portable Ningxia Red packets, and a box of Nitro – which is our “FOCUS” supplement that helps your brain to focus. Price is $145 and includes a year membership with Young Living which gives you a 24% discount.

Also, I’ve put together some other helpful bundles as well:

  1. Women’s Hormones bundle. Comes with PD 80/20, Progessence Plus, and a bottle of Clary Sage.
  2. The Raindrop Bundle – $205 retail or $155 wholesale- This kit will give you 5-7 Raindrop Massages. Learn how to give it to your family members for the ultimate immune system boost when people need support. Note: If you want Wendy Selvig (Certified Raindrop Tech) to give you Raindrops, if you are in her downline and buy your own kit, she will give you a Raindrop for $50. If you are joining for the first time and do so by purchasing this kit, she will give you a free Raindrop.
  3. The Emotions Bundle – $125.25Grab this bundle for 4 oils to use when working on emotional healing. Frankincense, Stress Away and Lavender you blend together and use as your “release” oil for all emotions you want to release. “Believe” is for setting new intentions and beliefs. Together, you have what you need to release negative emotions.
  4. Freedom Release & Freedom Sleep set – $456 – This is a complete set of essential oils designed specifically for Veterans and people with traumatic memories. There are complete instructions in the kits and the sleep set is great because it doesn’t take any work, you just diffuse at night when you sleep! There have been a lot of testimonials about these kits!


My name is Wendy Selvig and I’ve been with Young Living since 2008. I’m a certified aromatherapist, certified in the Raindrop Technique (essential oil based massage) and I’ve been a natural health researcher for a non-profit organization for 20 years. I started the Oily Academy years ago and teach help people figure out how to support their health naturally. I am pretty radical about natural health and healing, and using products that are not genetically modified or that contain chemicals, toxins, or fillers. Whether you believe the food companies and government entities are just stupid regarding health, or that they put harmful things in our products on purpose…. the fact is that we have more toxins and cancer causing agents being offered to us in our foods and in our environment than ever before. We have to be intentional about what we put in our bodies these days.

I use Young Living products because I know and trust the corporate team. The company was started by a naturopath who created products to heal people specifically from challenging things. YL is passionate about non-gmo ingredients, clean products with no fillers, and farming as much of the ingredients they can themselves so they can control the process from the seed that goes into the ground, to the essential oils that are used as pesticides (instead of toxins).

I’ve been to several farms, asked the farm managers questions about their processes and am satisfied that this company has my best interest at heart when creating products.


If you are wanting a deeper discount, you can get on what is called “Loyalty Rewards” which is a monthly ordering program. You can change your order each month and just have to maintain a 50pv (usually is $50) order. You can change the date each month if you’d like too, just have to hit in that month. If you do this program, for the first 3 months you order you will get 10% of whatever you order back in points to use as dollars to buy products. From months 4-24 your get 20% back, and months 25+ you get 25% back for each order. This allows you to get a lot more FREE products!

Also, please consider getting one of the STARTER BUNDLES that Young Living offers. They have put together some great bundles at deep discounts to help you get started. They are all over the 100pv mark so they qualify you as a member – but the values go as high as $450. This is for you to fall in love with the products and get a deep discount when starting! Talk to the person who brought you or introduced you to this event about getting your membership! Or use any of the above links if you want to get started with me!


Naturopathic leaning doctors to subscribe to on Youtube. I get a lot of good information from these guys and now when I find I have a health issue, I search their name and the issue and almost always find a video on that topic. This is great to help you find dietary advice that will help you while trying to heal your body, and additional supplementation information that may help you heal your specific issue.



This is not going to interest everyone…. but for those who were asking for the Courts of Heaven reference materials CLICK HERE.