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Start the Oily Journey with someone oily academy

Hello! If you’ve reached this page, one of your friends has referred you here so that you can get more information about Young Living essential oils!

My name is Wendy Selvig and I am a Certified Aromatherapist as well as an Independent Young Living distributor and educator. I’ve been a customer of Young Living since 2009 and a business builder since 2013. I’m a gold level Young Living distributor which basically just means that I’ve helped a lot of people learn how to use essential oils for their health! I’m passionate about natural health and love what these oils do!

I would love the opportunity to mail you a packet that will give you information about Young Living, essential oils, and our community of 700+ people (called “The Oily Academy”) where you can learn from and make friends with people who use essential oils. I have a Facebook group you can join where I post about the oils and do live classes that you can attend. I also have a texting service for those who aren’t on Facebook.

Click the link below and fill out a quick form. I’ll drop the informational packet into the mail (including some samples!). If you’d rather talk to me in person, feel free to text or give me a call at 719-354-6038. You can email me at as well!

I’m not a high pressure sales person, as a matter of fact I don’t like those kind of tactics. I’m happy to talk with you over the phone but I don’t ever want anyone to feel pressured to join Young Living or to buy oils. I’d like to present you with some information and samples and let you make your own decisions about whether oils are a good fit for you!

Now lets get you that information….   CLICK HERE.


Wendy Selvig in a field of lavender at the Young Living St. Maries Idaho farm, 2017.