Thanks for taking the health survey!

Hey there, thank you for filling out the health survey! It helps me to get to know you and help personalize your needs. We all need health support. Our bodies are always fighting to stay in balance, and when we can identify our struggles – that is the first step to providing support for a while for those body systems.

Here are the options on the form you filled out and the products I suggest to help you balance your system:

BETTER SLEEP – Young Living has products to help you sleep better. If you are looking for an immune system support plus melatonin, look into IMMUPRO. If you want deep sleep once you get to sleep, diffuse CLARY SAGE while sleeping. If you just want help relaxing and falling asleep, try our Lavender essential oil. Diffuse at night or coat the bottoms of your feet. Valor essential oil is often used on the bottom of the big toe to help snoring! SleepEssence is another product that has melatonin plus 4 oils that will make you sleepy. Here is a list of products Young Living has to help: CLICK HERE

COPING WITH STRESS – Here is a podcast about Cortistop and Stress: CLICK HERE Here is a list on the YL website with products that help with stress: CLICK HERE.

IMPROVED IMMUNE SYSTEM – I suggest diffusing with Thieves oil, and rubbing it on the bottoms of your feet at night. Also, consider the supplement called Longevity capsules. Longevity™ supplement protects DHA levels, helps maintain cell integrity, and supports immune function with an array of ingredients including Thyme, Orange, Clove, and Frankincense premium essential oils. Here is a list of products that help with the immune system: CLICK HERE.

CHRONIC PAIN/INFLAMMATION – Sulfurzyme is an amazing product that helps your body regulate inflammation. Americans are chronically deficient in sulfur because of the USA farming practices of not adding sulfur back into

JOINT ISSUES – Here is a podcast on joint health: CLICK HERE. My favorite products are Sulfurzyme and BLM (Bones, Ligaments, Muscles) – and Ningixa Red. All help support the inflammatory process, and I get great relief from this regimen. I used to wake up in the morning, and my feet would hurt really bad. I used to have to walk around for 10 minutes before the pain in my feet subsided. Now I never wake up with painful feet, and those are the products I take regularly.

DIGESTION & STOMACH ISSUES – LIFE 9 for gut health and leaky gut, and Essentialzymes 4 for help with food digestion, and Essentialzyme (not 4) to further digest everything in your colon and to keep your colon healthy. These three products over a month or two will greatly support your entire digestive system!!!

GETTING RID OF TOXIC HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS -Check out this list of toxin free household products: CLICK HERE

HORMONE SUPPORT (PMS – MENOPAUSE) – CLICK HERE for a list of hormone supporting products. Here is a podcast on hormone support for GUYS: CLICK HERE Here is a podcast on hormone support for ladies: CLICK HERE

BABY & KIDS HEALTH – When I started in Young Living, they didn’t have any of the baby or kid products! I learned to use all of the adult oils for kids by simply diluting the essential oils with a good carrier oil (Like YL’s V6) and for little babies, I avoided putting oils on their chest so you don’t overwhelm them with the smells…. for 2 and under you can put oils on the bottoms of their feet and then put socks on and they absorb the oils fine, they just aren’t forced to smell them if they don’t like them. And peppermint is really strong and can cause babies to catch their breath, so I always avoid putting it on babies chests. We do have a great kidscents and baby line however, if you want to look through the products! CLICK HERE

EMOTIONAL OILS AND TOOLS TO HELP – Here is a podcast on the topic: CLICK HERE

RAINDROP MASSAGE – Young Living product: The Raindrop KitCLICK HERE to listen to a podcast all about the Raindrop!

AUTOIMMUNE: Hashimotos – Listen to this podcast for help and ways to support your thyroid naturally! Young Living products include Thyromin, PD 80/20 OR Cortistop, Vitamin D, Sulfurzyme, Life 9.

I hope these suggestions help guide you!

Questions: Info@theoilyacademy.com


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