Enzymes and Joints Class

Woah! When I was 37 years old I realized that every morning as I woke up my feet hurt really bad. It was the bones and joints and I would have to walk around for 10 minutes to warm them up before they stopped giving me grief.

Enter the supplements Sulpherzyme and BLM (Bones, Ligaments, Muscles)….  A friend recommended I try them and after 6 weeks of taking them, I no longer felt 80 years old when I got up in the mornings! For two years I took them without having any return of my discomfort and then something happened. I forgot to reorder one month and I ran out. I didn’t feel the urgency to get my order in right away and I went 6 weeks without taking them. THEN…. you guys, THEN ONE MORNING I GOT OUT OF BED AND MY FEET HURT AGAIN!!!  I was like, “OH MY WORD, those supplements really work!” I had been faithfully taking them, but this was my wake up and reminder to get those puppies ordered ASAP!

So I also feel this excited about enzymes. As a matter of fact, I think that if you would take enzymes with your meals that you will live healthier and longer. But I’m not a doctor, so that is just my measly mom opinion. Check out this teaching video to learn about the research and some great information on Enzymes AND Joints!


Enzymes and Joints Class With Wendy Selvig YL Gold YouTube



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