DIY POO SPRAY – Recipe and Label for Printing

One of the classes I have given involves making your own Poo-Pourri Spray! This was my first official DIY class ever given. WHY? Because I need this in my own house!

Poo Pourri Spray

I have a husband and 3 boys! My kiddos think it is hilarious to cause a stink! UGH. So, I first saw “Poo Spray” at a friend’s house and was amazed how well it seemed to work. I also saw the price tag and couldn’t believe how expensive these number 2 sprays were!

I looked into making my own and sure enough, it wasn’t hard! Now, even my boys enjoy the clean smell and like how when you spray the water, it forms a seal that even the toughest stink can’t get through! (2 Points for Mom!)

You can do this simple recipe using your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living! If you have never signed up with Young Living, and would like to get an amazing kit that includes a diffuser and the top 11 essential oils for daily use, visit YoungLiving.com. If nobody else has shared with you about YL, use my member number (1062622) and you’ll get signed up with a membership and you’ll be on my team forevermore! I can help you directly with learning how to use oils and you can be in my  exclusive Facebook group where hundreds of my downline members get on daily and talk and learn about oils!


Here is a label you can print off and tape to your bottle. Just right click and save as to your computer.






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