Welcome to the Oily Academy!

The Podcast

I have a podcast called, “The Oily Academy.” If you know how to download podcasts, you can find your favorite podcast application and probably find it and download it. We are on over 10 major platforms including Spotify, Apple podcasts, Spreaker, Youtube and more. If you don’t know how to do podcasts, you can click on this link and go directly to the Spreaker podcast to listen or click the button below.

The Community

I have an amazing community of friends and leaders who also have joined me on this oily journey. I have two Facebook GROUPS.

#1. The Oily Academy Podcast Group – This is open for everyone and anyone interested in coming together and learning and connecting. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Many of us see each other at conventions, seminars, and special events that are held (like Beauty School!) around the country. There is always an Oily Academy member to get together with at Young Living events! There are even some sub-groups inside of the Oily Academy, but we all work together. Being in the Oily Academy is about supporting each other, learning from each other, learning how to live the Young Living lifestyle (toxin free and supporting our body systems) together. We help each other to be as healthy as possible.

#2. My personal downline in Young Living is also called The Oily Academy. If you have never got a Young Living membership before and would like to, please use my enroller/sponsor number (1062622) when making a purchase at YoungLiving.com. That literally puts you on my team and you can then also join our personal Facebook group. We are a friendly, oily bunch of all ages! Get your Young Living membership on our team (JOIN HERE) and then get your start by joining our Facebook Group HERE.

#3. Make sure you listen to the Oily Academy podcast to learn all about living a natural healthy lifestyle. If you are on my team, and when you are ready to have a personal meeting with me about making a strategy personalized for your individual health challenges, please send me an email and we’ll make a phone or Zoom appointment. I’m HAPPY to meet with you!

WENDY SELVIG: Info@theoilyacademy.com