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My name is Wendy Selvig. I am a Certified Aromatherapist, a Certified Raindrop Tech (essential oil based massage) a Young Living independent distributor, and a passionate educator about natural health and essential oils. I’m also a wife and mom and I work as a natural health researcher for a non-profit organization.

Wendy Selvig, Gold Level YL Leader – Come check out the Oily Academy Podcast!

Essential oils have changed my life so much that it’s become a natural part of my life to tell people about them. I’m really not pushy, as a matter of fact I dislike pushy. But my physical and emotional health has improved so much because of my oils, I want people to know the freedom there is when you are able to support your own health naturally.

  • I’ve had family members turn around dire reports from the doctors because they figured out how to support their own body’s natural defenses, and we’ve rejoiced in victory over those turned around reports.
  • My immediate family hasn’t had to see a doctor except for WELLNESS checkups now in years.
  • We know how to support our immune systems when any of the day to day unwelcomed challenges come through that door. At the first sign of an immune system struggle we are slapping our Thieves oil and Oregano oil on the bottoms of our feet every hour and usually by the next day, all signs of struggle are gone.
  • We also have access to amazing supplements that have Therapeutic grade oils in them to take internally.
  • We’ve learned to become our own health detectives, and not fear every report.
  • And I don’t know about you, but everyone in my family has hormones. So oils like Endoflex, Progessence Plus, Idaho Blue Spruce and Clary Sage help us to keep our hormones balanced and fine tuned. My husband saw such a difference in my moods each month that he makes a point to make sure I never, ever run out of Progessence Plus (a blend that balances my hormones). My teens and pre-teenagers love, love, love their Endoflex oil and on many days it has sent Eeyore packing and the sun comes shining once again. If you have kids, you gotta try Endoflex!

From emotional strength, to pets, to joint health and even enhancing your workouts… there are essential oils that support your body in every application. Welcome to my website and blog, welcome to my life with essential oils. I can’t wait to show you how these oils can help you too!

The Podcast

I have a podcast called, “The Oily Academy.” If you know how to download podcasts, you can find your favorite podcast application and probably find it and download it. We are on over 10 major platforms including Spotify, Apple podcasts, Spreaker, Youtube and more. If you don’t know how to do podcasts, you can click on this link and go directly to the Spreaker podcast to listen or click the button below.

The Website

This website is a place that is designed to educate you a little about using Young Living essential oils, and about the amazing community of The Oily Academy. The website is for everyone, the community is only for those who have signed up with Young Living and who are on my team. To be on my team, you have to be signed up under me or under someone who is under me. CLICK HERE if you are ready to get started and you want to join! I recommend getting started with the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser. It’s the most bang for your buck and I have classes awaiting you that will explain how to use the oils in that kit.

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The Community

I have an amazing community of friends and leaders who also have joined me on this oily journey. We meet in our Oily Academy Facebook group where leaders:

  • teach classes
  • have contests and
  • discuss oils daily!

Many of us see each other at conventions, seminars, and special events that are held (like Beauty School!) around the country. There is always an Oily Academy member to get together with at Young Living events! There are even some sub-groups inside of the Oily Academy, but we all work together. Being in the Oily Academy is about supporting each other, learning from each other, learning how to live the Young Living lifestyle (toxin free and supporting our body systems) together. We help each other to be as healthy as possible. We are a friendly, oily bunch of all ages! Get your Young Living membership on our team (JOIN HERE) and then get your start by joining our Facebook Group:

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The Business Side

Young Living is an amazing business if you are interested in free products and another stream of income. I can personally coach you and mentor you if you are wanting to build a business too! I have built Young Living businesses around the world and have team members in South America and Central America as well as Canada. If you have International business building questions or you are even interested in having a professional account (to get a 40% discount as a business buying for retail), I have extensive experience in these areas as well and can help you.

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WENDY SELVIG: Info@theoilyacademy.com